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Organizational Services Specialist

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
Olympia, WA Full-time
Posted on November 27, 2018

Hiring for a Full Time Organizational Services Specialist


The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP) is a statewide membership organization, based in Olympia, Washington and is committed to eliminating sexual violence and fostering social change. The mission of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs is to unite agencies engaged in the elimination of sexual violence, through education, victim services, and social change. WCSAP provides information, training, and expertise to program and individual members who support victims, family and friends, the general public, and all those whose lives have been affected by sexual assault.


WCSAP is seeking an Organizational Services Specialist to work on grant activities that focus on (1) Non-profit management support services (2) accreditation support and resources (3) general advocacy support. This position is responsible for the creation, production and delivery of trainings and written resources relevant to non-profit management and support to sexual assault programs statewide. This position joins several other advocacy specialists who provide consultation and population/content specific expertise in other areas of advocacy work.  All applicants must be familiar and agree with WCSAP’s mission statement and philosophy regarding WCSAP’s commitment to the elimination of sexual violence, empowerment, inclusiveness, and social change.

WCSAP values diversity in the workplace. WCSAP values the importance of addressing issues of racism, homophobia, ableism, and other issues of oppression in order to make services accessible to all individuals regardless of race; color; sex; gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; national origin; religion; age; ethnic background; social, economic, immigration, marital, physical and/or mental status.


People from historically underserved communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

 WCSAP benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, and Retirement Contribution.

Please submit an application packet containing: cover letter and resume to WCSAP (at the end of the job description below). Please highlight any experience that specifically addresses the essential functions of this position.  

This position is open until filled. First screening starts December 3, 2018.  To submit an application electronically, email with Organizational Services Specialist in the subject line. To submit your application via postal service, please send it to: HR at WCSAP 4317 6th Ave SE, Suite 102, Olympia, WA 98503. 


Specific Grant Work

This position will provide support and training around non-profit management, the WA State sexual assault accreditation system, general advocacy, and intimate partner sexual violence. The position is responsible for offering information, support, training and resources annually. This position is lead on accreditation assistance and non-profit management support of local community sexual assault programs statewide. The position offers technical assistance to members and stakeholders, creates relevant resources, conducts trainings, and ensures that grant deliverables are met for position assigned projects and duties

If you have expertise in these subject areas we encourage you to apply. WCSAP offers ongoing training for all positions.  Please review the job description for additional duties and qualifications.


Provides technical assistance on program management, accreditation, intimate partner sexual violence and general advocacy and develops communication forums for a variety of service providers.


Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

Provide technical assistance, consultation, and support relevant to sexual violence, and specifically relevant to program management

  • Reach out to Coalition member programs/individuals, state grant recipients, stakeholders, and other community programs and individuals and respond to their requests for information, resources, and referrals
  • Provide information on a wide range of nonprofit management topics, IPSV and general advocacy
  • Provide support, training, and information on the statewide accreditation process, standards, and documentation needs for accredited sexual assault programs
  • Collect, develop, and disseminate information and resources.
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Prepare and conduct needs assessments and surveys as necessary
  • Identify potential resources (including trainers, educational materials, promising practices, agency samples, polices, procedures and other information) that will assist agencies in their capacity building.

Develop materials

  • Responsible for overall development and coordination of grant publications. Responsible for content selection and contributions, coordination of design with external graphic contractor, editing, and production.
  • Ensure distribution of materials to appropriate recipients.
  • Responsible for the development of educational materials (in any media) that address gaps and needs in advocacy knowledge and practice.
  • Compile emerging and promising practice information as it relates to sexual violence advocacy and management.
  • Ensure that WCSAP resource materials are accessible to a broad constituency and represent the diversity of all stakeholders.

Develop, coordinate and maintain communication forums

  • Create and implement forums (conference calls, webinars, electronic communities, listservs, etc.)
  • Identify topics for discussion and coordinate communications among participants.

Coordinate, support, develop, facilitate and/or implement training and meeting opportunities

  • Design, plan, coordinate, facilitate and/or implement relevant training and meeting opportunities.
  • Determine content area for trainings/meetings, secure presenters when applicable, determine formats (webinar, in person) and select venues, monitor registration and communications with attendees, host, facilitate, and/or deliver trainings/meetings, and ensure evaluation of activities.
  • Assist other agencies in their development of training opportunities.

Participate in activities such as meetings, ad hoc groups, and taskforces related to the mission and vision of WCSAP.

 Participate in Agency Operations

  • Participate in regular staff meetings, retreats, and annual conference.
  • Attend local and national trainings and meetings on issues related to Coalition work.
  • Participate in other agency workgroups and activities as interested and requested.

Ability to occasionally travel within and outside of Washington State.  Must have current driver’s license and car insurance if driving own vehicle or renting a car for WCSAP purposes. 

Must be able to exchange accurate information.  The person in this position frequently communicates with coworkers, Coalition members, and stakeholders.


Adheres to all agency policies and practices.

 Other tasks as assigned by supervisor to carry out WCSAP's mission and work.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Customer Service - Demonstrates good judgment and the ability to apply sound thinking to problem situations; responds promptly and respectfully to consumer needs, requests for information and assistance, meets commitments
  • Agency Stewardship - Supportive of agency mission, philosophies, anti-oppression work, and agency overall activities; represents Coalition in a considerate and respectful manner
  • Ethics – Treats people with respect, keeps commitments, inspires trust of others, works with integrity and ethically, upholds organizational values
  • Dependability - Ready for work at the beginning of their workday; is willingly available and can be counted on when needed; demonstrates accountability; ensures work responsibilities are completed in accordance with agreed-upon timelines
  • Communication – Effectively, accurately, and respectfully communicates in meetings, trainings, work environment and projects across various communications formats; engages in and contributes to agency dialogues and activities; open to accepting and giving feedback
  • Productivity - Performs assignments in a timely manner; demonstrates initiative and ability to work with limited supervision; undertakes extra responsibility without interfering with regular duties; exhibits flexibility and adaptability in adjusting to changing priorities; incorporates agency standards into daily routine
  • Team Orientation - Promotes a positive team environment through active cooperation with others; exhibits a sensitive awareness of other’s abilities, attitudes and values

Qualifications and Skills:

  • An understanding and agreement of WCSAP’s mission statement and philosophy regarding the elimination of sexual violence, empowerment, inclusiveness, and social change.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field plus 3 years of relevant professional experience, working in the sexual violence field with emphasis in management, leadership considerations, and organizational development; or a combination of 6 years relevant experience and training.
  • Significant experience working with nonprofit management.
  • Preferred experience working with intimate partner sexual violence and general sexual violence advocacy issues

Specific Skill Sets: effective communication, familiarity with research and educational materials and forums, technical and educational writing, group facilitation and training, attention to detail, Microsoft Office and databases, managing projects, professionalism, problem solving, working independently, ability to work with a diverse group of people,  nonprofit management.

Physical Demands

In performing the regular duties of this job, the employee is required to:

  • Remain in a stationary position for long periods of time
  • Occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets, office equipment, office shelves, etc.
  • Constantly operate a computer and other office equipment, such as a calculator, copy machine.
  • Frequently move audio/visual equipment, training materials, and office supplies weighing up to 25 pounds.
  • Occasionally set up training/meeting spaces.


I have reviewed and agree to the above job description.



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