Squaxin Island Tribe

10 SE Squaxin LN
Shelton , WA
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RN or LPN for Squaxin Island Tribe

Squaxin Island Tribe
Shelton, WA Full-time
Posted on September 9, 2018

RN or LPN for Squaxin Island Tribe
Northwest Indian Treatment Center (Elma)


(Other duties may be assigned.)

  • Ensure appropriate admissions including obtaining information regarding patient’s health and mental health. Review referral packet to include medical history, physical and all lab work.
  • Identify patients who will require ongoing medical care after admissions and assist with appropriate referrals and follow up care.  Interact with regular pre-admission medical care providers as appropriate.
  • Establish a relationship with each appropriate tribal and non-tribal provider for patient care as necessary including contract health designated staff.
  • Coordinate and document medical care.
  • Arrange transportation for admissions, discharges and medical appointments as appropriate.
  • Store inappropriate medications as per NWITC Policy. Dispose of medications as appropriate as per NWITC policies and DOH requirements.
  • Develop a medication sheet for each patient and review weekly to ensure medication provided is correct and documentation is thorough.
  • Provide each patient with a medical discharge plan and send a copy to the on-going provider.
  • Responsible for ensuring each patient has a UA at admission, and as requested by the Director or Clinical Supervisor.  Records the results in the patient chart.
  • Responsible for developing and regularly reviewing medically related policies and procedures.  Ensures policies meet DOH and CARF standards.
  • Provide training to all staff regarding medical safety including communicable diseases, safe handling of body fluids, appropriate medication supervision/observation, medical documentation, medical emergency response training.
  • Biannual medical quality assurance reviews.
  • Interact with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to coordinate Psychotropic medication assessments and reviews, including chart review to ensure ARNP documentation is complete and timely.
  • Ensure prescribed medications are received in a timely manner.
  • Develop ongoing productive relationship with local pharmacies so patient medication needs are met. Order non prescribed medications identified on the “standing orders” protocol.
  • Provide medical lectures to patients which meet DOH and CARF standards.
  • Interact with clinical team and treatment attendants to ensure all appropriate employees have relevant information regarding patient care.
  • Communicate any changes in medication which may impact patient progress.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Inform Director or Clinical Coordinator of any problems potential or actual which affect the safety or health of patients and staff.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding patient/client information.


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