Child Development Center Program Manager SUMMARY:
The Squaxin Island Child Development Center Program Manager provides administration of the day-to-day operations of the Early Head Start/ECEAP programs. The Program Manager works with state, regional, and federal Early Head Start/ECEAP personnel to maintain relationships, stay informed of changes and trends, ensures compliance with performance standards, and provides staff/parent training and development. The Program Manager will collaborate with the Squaxin Island Center Administration and staff to ensure quality Early Head Start and ECEAP Program services support development and school readiness.  These services are delivered in a coordinated, integrated manner and promote parent/child attachment and engagement in early learning.  The Program Manager will provide support and help create a nurturing environment for all children that allows for optimal social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Child Development Center Director SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES:
The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration, operations, compliance, strategic planning, policy development, public relations and fiscal budgeting, EHS grant reporting and accountability as well as the overall assurance of high quality culturally appropriate childcare and early learning programs provided at the CDC.