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Lakewood , WA

Transit Operator (Bus Driver) Relief

Pierce Transit
Lakewood, WA Temporary
Posted on October 4, 2018
PIERCE TRANSIT - NOW HIRING Our mission is to connect our communities with safe, reliable, customer-friendly transit options. Pierce Transit drivers have been assisting people who are on the go in Pierce County for over 35 years. The first step to becoming a driver begins with an application to become a Relief Transit Operator (RTO). If you are selected for this role you will receive paid training from the experts who will ensure that you gain hands-on experience and are fully prepared for success. Upon completion of the six-week training course, you will be eligible and in line to be promoted to full-time positions based on your seniority. As a Trainee you will initially be paid at $17.68 per hour. The pay rate gets better quickly! The hourly rate increases to $19.64 upon successful completion of the first three phases of training when Trainees graduate to the role of Relief Transit Operator (RTO). After successfully completing the probationary period, (6 months/1040 hours), you will look forward to earning $20.88 per hour. As Transit Operator positions open up they are filled by Relief Transit Operators on the basis of seniority. As a full time Transit Operator, the hourly salary begins at $23.72 per hour. Our Transit Operators salary range is currently going up to $30.10 per hour, which equals a base annual salary of $62,608.00, plus benefits. As a Relief Transit Operator, you will be a member of a very important team that is relied on to drive routes in the absence of the regular full-time operators. The work of the RTO ensures that the operation continues to run smoothly while the regular drivers are attending training, on temporary assignments, taking vacation or other leave, or away for other reasons. While many of our Operators choose to remain in that role, many others have pursued a variety of opportunities and have become supervisors, managers and executives throughout the agency. Relief Transit Operators are eligible for benefits and guaranteed at least 25 hours of work per week. Our current Relief Transit Operators work 35 hours per week and sometimes more, although hours in excess of 25 are not guaranteed and will depend on the needs of the Agency in any given week. If selected from this recruitment, you must be available to attend full-time training for a period of six (6) weeks, beginning Tuesday, January 8, 2019.