Hima Nursery

20629 WA-9
Snohomish , WA

Agricultural Workers Needed

Hima Nursery
Snohomish, WA Full time
Posted on April 8, 2018

Hima Nursery Inc is offering 5 full-time temporary positions in Snohomish County located in the State of Washington. Anticipated period of employment is 5/10/2018 to 1/10/2019. Qualified workers must have 3 months experience with tree fruit and nursery duties & expect to perform agricultural work such as thinning, pruning, training and hand harvesting apples, peaches, pears, berries, nursery trees, native plants and grapes. Minimum wage is $14.12/hour.  Inquire for specific bonus rates. Anticipate a 45-hour workweek, ¾ of the hours guarantee. Free housing available for workers including U.S. workers who cannot reasonably earn to their permanent residence at the end of each workday. Tools, supplies & equipment will be provided at no cost to the worker. Transportation and subsistence expense to the worksite will be provided or paid for by the employer upon 50% completion of contract. Out of state applicants can apply at their nearest local SWA office or contact the employer by phone at 425-317-8822.  For the SWA servicing the area of intended employment contact Peter Mihaluta WorkSource Pierce at 253-284-8816. Reference job order number 193882858.