Vice President of Administration.

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Posted on August 25, 2021

Heritage University empowers a multi-cultural and inclusive student body to overcome the social, cultural,
economic and geographic barriers that limit access to higher education. Rooted in the homeland of the Yakama
Nation, we embrace transformational student-centered education that cultivates leadership and a commitment to the promotion of a more just society.
HU is a small, private non-profit, accredited university offering both undergraduate and graduate programs and
degrees in a wide variety of fields. Heritage is located in a rural setting within Washington State’s Yakima Valley,
about 25 miles south of the City of Yakima that is seeking a Vice-President of Administration (VPA).
The VPA will be an understanding and appreciation of the University’s mission and the major role it plays in the
education and success of the student population it serves. At Heritage, each decision impacting students is
looked at through the lens of the organization’s mission.
The VPA is the officer who is most involved in informing the University community (Board, President,
administrative officers, departmental managers, faculty) of the financial status of the organization at all points in time as well as the financial consequences of all major decisions. The VPA must also help to identify potential
opportunities for the ongoing growth and improvement of the University’s financial status in a manner supportive of its mission.
The VPA serves as a bridge between the technical work of the Business Office and the remainder of the University community. As such, the VPA must have excellent oral and written communication skills with both individuals and teams as well as skills in positive and effective problem-solving. Experience and knowledge of higher education is ideal, with an understanding of some of the technical aspects of student tuition and financial aid, grants accounting/management, gift accounting, and an understanding of the unique economic model in which a college/university operates.
In addition to the Business Office, the VPA has administrative oversight responsibility for the Facilities, Cafeteria, Human Resources, as well as other key responsibilities as assigned by the President.
The minimum qualifications for the position include:
1. An MBA or educational or work equivalent.
2. At least 6-8 years of progressive experience in management and financial management.
3. Although a degree in accounting or a CPA designation is not required, the candidate must have extensive
understanding of accounting processes and a thorough understanding of the development and
interpretation of financial statements.
4. Background in the financial management within Higher Education is strongly preferred.
5. Demonstrated abilities in team building, personnel motivation, and leadership.
6. A desire to reside within the Yakima Valley and build a strong career within Heritage University and
commit to the long-term success of the institution.
A full detailed job description is available for the position and application information and deadline.

HU is accepting applications for the following position: Vice President of Administration.
HU is seeking for an experienced individual that is self-motivated, able to communicate & work effectively with a variety of personnel at management level. Knowledge of higher education is ideal; responsible for planning, organizing, leading, and coordinating financial activities in furtherance & support of the mission to the University community. Position description avail at